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Day 24: A Foot on Water and a Foot on Land.

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Theme:  Break the Bond of Injustice

Passage for March 24th 2017: Rev 10:1-11

Bars from “How Great”

From a lofty height we wage war
On the poltergeist with the exalted Christ
Spark the dark with the pulse of light
Strike a corpse with a pulse of life…
O' son of man, O' son of man
Who was the angel in Revelations with a foot on water and a foot on land?

A Thought:

For the longest time the book of Revelation intimidated me. I know I am not the only one. The imagery of the poetry is unfamiliar and brash enough to unsettle me. The future rife with conflict and destruction brought about by powers and rulers is disconcerting. However, even though there is violence and death being distributed wantonly against followers of Jesus, in the end God breaks through. This future is foreign to my present reality. My life of ease. My life of coffee shops, meetings, and outings with my family. This, of course, is not the case for everyone. 

For a good chunk of people both, presently and historically, the images of Revelation are not a dark distant possibility but an every day reality. I read about them when I open up my web browser on my computer to read the news. I am bombarded with stories that read like a less fantastical description of what happens at the end of our scriptures. For the communities of Jesus followers living through these events the book of Revelation functions differently. They read it as a source of hope. No matter how dark it all gets, as they remain faithful, the promise of revelation is that God is working it out. They may not be able to see it, but the scriptures promise them it is happening.

The hope expressed in Revelation is the hope that sustains God’s faithful Kingdom movement in the world. As the Kingdom confronts the powers of the world there will be conflict and hurt. But there will also be brilliant moments. Moments where God’s presence comes and gives us what we need to continue. Moments that will leave asking “Who was that angel with a foot on water and a foot on land?” And in the end there will be a moment where God will work it out on our behalf.

Here are the thoughts I am contemplating today: Do I trust that the Lord is going to work all things out toward the most just and beautiful end? In what ways are the kingdoms of the world in conflict the Kingdom of God. 

Mediation: Psalm 146:8-9

As you read the passage today, focus on listening to the Lord. Is there a specific section or word that sticks out to you.  As you color today ask the Lord how that word or phrase is helping you sustain a lasting hope.