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Day 25: Tumbling and Crumbling

[If you want to know how and why this devotional came into existence feel free to read this]

What you will need:

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Theme:  Break the Bond of Injustice

Passage for March 25th 2017: Rev 21:1-8

Bars from “How Great”

Old Jerusalem, New Jerusalem
Comes like this beast with a ball of fire
They poisoned the scriptures and gave us the pictures of false messiahs
It was all a lie
Mystery babylon, tumbling down
Satan's establishment crumbling down

A Thought:

We started in a garden, where we walked in the cool of the shade with our God. We were known completely, and we knew each other fully without any shame or guilt. We had a mission. We were to make God’s good world better. But we decided that we knew how to direct God’s world better than our creator. It was this moment that the dimension of God and His good world were driven apart. The story of the scriptures is the story of how God is brining those two spaces back into together. Jesus’ entrance into the created order was the moment where God’s great rescue mission went into full gear. 

In Jesus’ life there were moments where this happened. Moments where blind people were no longer blind. Moments where sick people were made well. Moments where the hungry had food. Moments outsiders were given a place at the table. Moments where the dead were raised to life. These moments we often call moments of social justice but Jesus simply called them the Kingdom of God.  

When justice happens this is the Kingdom’s in breaking. Through the movement of God’s spirit, we get to play a part. We are invited to co-work with God to create moments where God’s rule and reign breaks in and rearranges our broken world into the reality God has always desired. At one point in the future this will happen completely but for now that moment is delayed. As we live in the in-between, we persevere with hope, listening to God’s spirit to show us places where God’s Kingdom can be our reality. 

N.T. Wright communicates this idea wonderfully: 

“Heaven, in the Bible, is not a future destiny but the other, hidden, dimension of our ordinary life—God’s dimension, if you like. God made heaven and earth; at the last he will remake both and join them together forever.”

These are the thoughts I am contemplating today: What does it mean for heaven and earth to collide? Where are spaces in my community that I am seeing that happen? 

Mediation: 1 Corinthians 15:52-57

This is the last day of this weeks theme. As you read todays passage, see if there is a particular image that sticks out to you. Focus on that image, and while you color today ask the Lord what He wants you to remember for the week. When you all are finished write that thought down. Feel free to share it on social with #mycoloringbookforhisgreatness so we can follow along.