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Day 23: Speaking Truth to Power

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Theme:  Break the Bond of Injustice

Passage for March 22nd 2017: Isaiah 61:1-11; Luke 4:17-18

Bars from “Blessings”

Hear, for I will speak noble things as entrusted me
Only righteous, I might just shrug at the skullduggery

A Thought:

Speech has a creative power. Words shape realities. In the scriptures speech is meaningful. It is was with a speech that God ordered the world out of chaos. In John 1, we discover that the spoken word though whom all things were made has a been revealed in Jesus. When Jesus speaks people are healed and the dead are raised. How He used words was intentional, so it is interesting that when Jesus was launching his ministry in Luke 4 he choose to quote this passage from Isaiah.

Jesus is announcing what he wants to accomplish. The mission entrusted to him by his heavenly Father includes releasing the captives, freeing prisoners, and good news for the poor. There is a broken world of chaos and disorder. In Jesus, this is coming to an end. All of that starts with a speech. It starts with him announcing he is going to rearrange reality. 

We are entrusted with continuing Jesus’ noble task. We must begin to speak in ways that help reshape the realities harming the ones Jesus cared about. If the Christian life includes being concerned with the people Jesus was concerned about, we must look to the marginalized, poor and oppressed. We have been entrusted with following Jesus into the places he leads, and, according to Isaiah 61 and Luke 4, it has always been God’s heart to lead us to outsiders and the set asides. We have made a habit of ignoring this call. I pray we hear what Jesus is saying in a way we can no longer can tune out.

Here are the thoughts I am pondering today: How can I use my voice to speak the truth to those who are harming who Jesus cares about? When I speak do the words I use shape realities that line up with the life of Jesus? 

Mediation: Proverbs 8:6

As you read the passage today, focus on it, and as you color today ask the Lord how you can use your voice. Allow the Lord to speak and convict you, rearranging your reality. Let Him encourage you to see the passions he has entrusted you with.