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Day 35: Like Emptiness was Tamed in Me

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Theme:  Longing

Passage for April 4th: Isaiah 40:1-2

Bars from “Finish Line/Drown”

I know my God
I know my God seen His breaks and His edges
Are jagged for giving that pain to His city in gold
Like everything is everything
Like all them days He prayed with me
Like emptiness was tamed in me

A Thought:

This was the year that it happened. I had heard of people doing it but I never thought I would be one of those people. I judged those types of people. They don’t have the right priorities. But there I was... I had forgotten my wife’s birthday. It was not my finest moment. We had just finished cooking as she approached me with a warm embrace. As she gave me a hug, she looked up and kindly said, “You forgot my birthday.” I melted in to a puddle of guilt and sadness. I love my wife and there is no universe I would want to make her feel forgotten, uncared for or disregarded. 

Feeling forgotten or unseen can wound us on deep levels and wreck our sense of self worth. God’s people had felt left behind for years. Their God seemed absent and unaware of their loneliness and emptiness. God seemed far away from them. I have yet to meet someone who has never experienced a season where God seemed distant or far off. 

God has not forgotten us. He is there it may dark but he has never left. The Lord is speaking to His people, taming our emptiness and becoming our everything. The darkness is coming to an end. Our God is speaking comfort to us His people. Our God does not forget us. He sees our situation… He never looks away.

Mediation: Psalm 72:12-14

We are starting to make a turn toward the final days of Jesus’ life. Read the meditation passage slowly and deliberately today asking God to prepare you heart for Holy Week. Lock in on a phrase or a word that seems to be sticking out to you. As you color today, ask God why is this phrase sticking out to you. Listen to what he is saying in response.