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Day 34: A pumpkin-seed-sized mustard seed

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Theme:  Longing

Passage for April 3rd: Matthew 17:14-20

Bars from “Finish Line/ Drown”

With the faith of a pumpkin-seed-sized mustard seed
Hear, for I will speak noble things as entrusted me
Only righteous, I might just shrug at the skullduggery

A Thought:

The Hebrews were entrusted with an important task. God made a special relationship with them as a people, and in response to this relationship, they were to live by the Law God gave them. The word given to this relationship between God and the Jews was “Covenant.” As they fulfilled their end of the agreement, God was going to bless them so outrageously the other nations of the world would see what God was doing with the Hebrews and want to be a part. This, however, is not how it worked out. 

God’s people failed at holding up their end of the covenant enough times that God gave them exactly what they had been showing Him they wanted…to make their way in the world with out their God. This did not work out well in their favor. Without the protection of their God, multiple ancient empires conquered them, and one eventually burned down the temple where God dwelled. This was a symbol that because of their unfaithfulness to God’s Law their covenant with God was broken. God promised through his prophets that this would not remain forever. 

The Messiah was the one who was going to come and restore the covenant. The Hebrews were going to be God’s people again. But until that time came they needed faith and hope God was going to, in his loving kindness, reestablish the relationship. They didn’t deserve it but they had faith that God was going to do this in His timing. And they ended up waited over 550 years before it happened. In this time of waiting and longing for they messiah to come, their faith sustained them. God would show up. They had seen it so many times. He always did. They simply prayed that it would come quickly. 

Here are the questions I am contemplating today: How does faith sustain me when I my expectation of what God should do are not met? Do I have the type of faith that Jesus encourages his followers to have?

Mediation: Psalm: 72:1-4

We are starting to make a turn toward the final days of Jesus’ life. Read the meditation passage slowly and deliberately today asking God to prepare you heart for Holy Week. Lock in on a phrase or a word that seems to be sticking out to you. As you color today, ask God why is this phrase sticking out to you. Listen to what He is saying in response.