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Day 44: The Finish Line...

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Theme: Praise and Repentance

Passage for April 13th: John 13:1-17

Bars from “Finish Line”

All my days I prayed and prayed and now I see the finish line
Oh I'm gonna finish mine yeah

A Thought: 

If you were going to die tomorrow, how would you spend your last night? I think that many of us would say something along the lines of wanting good food and close friends around. Those elements are included in Jesus’ last meal but there is one unexpected twist, Jesus washed his friends feet. This is a job typically done by the least dignified person in the house. It is not a glamorous job. 

This is how Jesus decides to spend the last hours of his life. Taking on the most humble job and serving his friends. Jesus is straining toward the finish line of what he came to accomplish and he continues to teach and care for those around him.  However, this was not simply an altruistic act of kindness, but a set of symbolic actions meant to contextualize what the next few days of Jesus’ life were supposed to mean. 

Jesus is coming to cleanse us in a way that only he can. For us, this is not new information. But for the disciples this was new way to interpret what Jesus’ life was about.  In addition, Jesus also showed His followers that the ensuing days needs to be interpreted through the lens of serving each on another. I can only imagine how bizarre this moment was hitting the disciples.  They didn't know it yet but but both of these symbols are an important interpretive lens for us to view what ensues over the next few days. 

Take some time internalize these symbol and let it begin to reshape how you view Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

Here are the questions I am contemplating today: In what ways can I serve like Jesus? Why does it matter that Jesus was continually serving even the night before his death?

Mediation: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

So as you prepare for Jesus last days read the meditation passage slowly and deliberately today asking God to prepare you heart for Jesus last days. Lock in on a phrase or a word that seems to be sticking out to you. As you color today, ask God why is this phrase sticking out to you. Listen to what he is saying in response.