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Day 30: I'll be Racing up the Stairs

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Theme:  Healing the Wounds of the Broken Hearted

Passage for March 30th 2017: Matthew 11:25-30

Bars from “Finish Line”

Last year got addicted to xans
Started forgetting my name and started missing my chance
I felt hog tied ever since my dog died
He lived to 84, damn, that's a long ride
I know he up there he just sit and he wait
I'll be racing up the stairs I'mma get to the gate singing 

A Thought:

Most summers before the busy time at work, I try to go backpacking. The trip gives me some time to think and pray before my year starts. And it is one of my favorite things I do every year. There are always moments on long stretches of switch backs that I question myself. “This is too hard,” I say in my head. “You are getting to old… Turn back now.” But when I get to my destination, whether it is a lake or a mountain pass, and take off my 80 lbs backpack, I experience a glorious moment. There is an incredible view and my body is so light it could float away. Moments after I down 2 liters of water, I crack open a beer I hiked in for when I arrive at my destination. This mundane mixture of hops, water and barley, by virtue of my shear exhaustion, is transformed in to transcendent liquid expression of how much God loves me. Like I said … I love this trip. 

We all carry weights. They could be emotional or physical scars from when we were younger. Insecurities about our personality, body image, or ability to relate with others. The weights I carry are my defense mechanisms. I am going to make a joke about my race before you can ask me “Where are you from?” Or I am never let my self relaxed into a friendship because I am waiting for the moment where they are going to reject me. If we stacked up all of the burdens the people of the world carry, I don’t think it would be the final weight that would surprise us. I think it would be the diversity of the things that drag on each and everyone of us. 

No matter what our burdens are and no matter how heavy, Jesus is asking us to take off our load and replace it with His. Like most elements in the Christian life, this is a process, and it doesn’t happen instantaneously. However, in the incremental moments we allow Jesus to take our loads and replace them with his become the moments we are freed, as Chance says, to “start racing up the stairs.” Our a hearts, no longer burdened with heaviness, are opened to be transformed to live with a deep sense of thanksgiving. 

Here is the question I am contemplating today: What heavy load can I take off and to take up the Jesus centered life?  What does it mean for his load to be light? 

Mediation: Psalm 107:17-22

Read the mediation passage today a few times through. As you read is there a passage or a word the sticks out to you. Meditate on that phrase allowing the Lord to speak to you as you color. What is he saying?