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Day #18: Never Drown

[If you want to know how and why this devotional came into existence feel free to read this]

What you will need: 

(Here is the week #1 and the week # 2 sheet designed by Nic Mansfield)

Theme: Promise and Blessing

Passage for March 18th 2017: Matthew 14:22-33

Bars from “Finish Line/Drown”

The water may be deeper than it's ever been
Never drown

A Thought:

Trite answers to hard questions are one of the justified reasons a skeptical world continues to look at Christians with suspicion. I think many of us have been the recipient of this kind of “council." We are struggling and a well meaning Christian tells us, “all you need to do is have faith that it is going to work out (or something like that).” This is one famous Jesus story I have seen quoted vapidly at people in the midst of “the storms of life.” Unbeknownst to the well intentioned wisdom giver, when they use Matthew 14:22-33 to try to comfort the “Peter” in their life, it actually shows they haven’t read the passage carefully. 

If someone was shouting from the shore to alert the disciples that Jesus was coming, there may be some textual basis for their well meaning but ultimately hallow advice. But that is obviously not there. No matter how good the intensions, any advice “from the shore” comes across as disingenuous. Unless we are willing to get in the boat with them, it is not our job to lob spiritual platitudes. In the midst of storms, it is Jesus’ job to reveal himself and ours to simply recognize him.

So, I am not going to replicate my frustration here. If you are in a dark time right now I am sure it is hard to hear that God wants to give you good and beautiful things. I can only imagine it is harder to hear that God wants to bless you. I simply want to create a space for you to ask if Jesus is coming to you in the midst of everything that is happening in your life. You may not see Him and that is ok. Without doubting Jesus’ presence and experiencing the seeming isolation that is the result, we cannot have honest need. I think, in this story, there is enough room to allow for both doubt and Jesus’ eventual presence with us in our storms. And both of those are gifts.

Here are the questions I am contemplating today: What are the storms in my life? Do I believe Jesus is going to pull me out? How do I see God’s blessing in the midst of the my struggles? How is doubt a gift?

Mediation: Jonah 2:1

Today is the last day in this weeks theme. While you color today, meditate on this verse. And ask the Lord what He wants you to take away from this week. Take this time to thank the Lord for your blessings and all of His promises to bring you into a Promised Land. Take a moment and write down your thoughts. Share them on social and tag them with  #mycoloringbookforhisgreatness so we can follow along in your journey.