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Day #16: "Holy like Mama"

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(Here is the week #1 and the week # 2 sheet designed by Nic Mansfield)

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Theme: Promise and Blessing

Passage for March 16th 2017: 2 Corinthians 11:21-30

Bars from “Finish Line/Drown”

I love you, I love you, you looking holy like Mama
You made a church out of feathers
So when she fly to the Father
She know the choir gon' follow and all the offering paid 

A Thought:

Having lived in Colorado and Washington, I have been in close enough contact with the mountaineering community in both places that it should have worn off on me. Sadly, it did not. In spite of my ineptitude, I have caught on to a couple things Mountaineers need to do in order to make it through a climb. My friend Derek tells a story about the time he summited Mt. Baker. When climbers get to more difficult sections, they harness themselves to at least two other people. Being the person in the middle, he had one person in front of him and one in the back. As they climbed Derek entrusted his life to someone farther along, and someone just behind Him in the journey. When Derek told me about his adventure and its connection to the a life of following Jesus, it has had a lasting impact on me. 

The Christian life is not intended to be a solo endeavor. At any moment we may encounter a hardship or question or a joy we have yet to experience. At moments like these we need to be harnessed to a community to help us along in our journey. We need some one who is farther along in the journey to help as we wrestle with the questions, struggle through the hardship and celebrate with us in our joys. When we are invited, we have the opportunity to be that person for someone else. Someone who is sharing our wisdom and insight about the Christian life.  We get to help them contextualize their hurts, navigate their tensions and celebrate their victories. God not only gives us each other for the sake of community but also for the sake of the journey. 

Here are the questions I am contemplating this week: Who have I tied myself to that is farther along the journey? What in my life have they helped me walk through? Who is someone that has tied their life to mine? What have I shown them about a life of following Jesus?

Mediation: 1st Corinthians 11:1

As you color today pray for the people who you have helped you in your journey. Thank the Lord for what they have helped show you. Pray that God continues to speak to them and use them in other people’s lives like He has used them in yours. In addition, think about the people who may look to you to help guide them in the Christian life. Spend some time thinking and praying for them. If don’t have anyone like that in your life ask the Lord to give you some opportunities to be that for someone else.