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Why I am taking a Facebook hiatus.

I’ve noticed myself staying up later and later every evening. So much so that I wake up tied in the mornings. It takes me an extra couple cups of coffee (which is saying a lot) to wake up and get ready.  I have a tendency to be obsessive and to have a bit of addictive personality. And my addiction and obsession of choice recently is Facebook. I scroll and scroll and scroll looking for anything that has some controversy around it. #blacklivesmatter #bluelivesmatter #trump #hillary #bernie #america #republican #democrat. The thing that keeps me up is the dumpster fire that is the comments sections. So with everything that is happening in the world and the volatile nature of the political environment social media has given me feast of comments to wade through. What is causing me to take a pause is what I have noticed in my heart… I get frustrated and self righteous and judgemental and I like it.


This is not the proper posture of my heart and it is affecting my ability to function and discern.  

Some of my community here in Bellingham made a commitment to refrain from posting anything that would add to the volatile nature of the conversation online. We believed the best way to engage in tense topics is in person and in conversation. So, we committed to be relational in the ways that we engaged the current political landscape. Last week, however, I received a Donald Trump pinata as a gift with very clever caption that poked fun at my commitment to nonviolence and I wanted to say thank you to the anonymous person who sent it to me. And because I have been nurturing a posture of judgement in my heart it didn’t even occur to me that this would go back on the commitment I made. I was called on it… like I should have been. And am now addressing what is going on in my heart and how I am using my time.

So here is what I am going to do. I am going to take an indefinite hiatus from interacting on Facebook until I can figure out how to align my heart with our good and beautiful God. WIth one exception… pictures of my family (because I cannot rob the world of that level of cuteness and it is the only way that some of my friends and family are able to see them). But even that is going to be a one way street.  


This is not a call for other people to do the same … it simply what I need to do to get my own heart check. And I am thankful to have a crew to call me on stuff for the glory of God’s rule and reign in the world.

I will be answering messages and what not as they come in so feel free to send me a note… I will see you on the other side… whenever that may be.