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A copy of a copy: Or why Hip Hop helped me blog again

So here is the thing. I have blogged before.

In my previous blogging endeavors. I was always trying to come up with new content and innovative things to say. ButI stopped my last blog because I realized that I was simply repeating things I heard in different places but with my limited vocabulary. The inner artist in me shuddered... so I stopped.

Recently I started thinking about the birth of hip hop in the late 1970s. People listened to records and started spinning portions of those records or songs in repittion to make beats for someone to emcee over. They repurposed songs into something new... a fresh iteration from something already spoken, which created new experience and new things to say. 

I also remembered an interview that Derek Web did with Relevant Magazine for his album Mockingbird. Essentially, he said that none of the thoughts communicated in the songs on the record were his own. He was simply a mocking bird restating things he already heard but in his artistic voice. He copied ideas into another form, created a new experience and the ideas were new again. 

Recently, I am convinced that doing something which was already done and saying something that was already said can give space to something new. 

I hope so.

I hope this is place that I can think out lout on a lot of things that are going on in my brain. Most of it will be a copy of a copy (which is a line from Fight Club... I told you nothing original) but I pray that as I say it again it will be a fresh and new iteration from something already spoken.