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Bellingham, Wa

Things I am Thankful for that I think you will be too.

Right now a lot is happening in life and at times it feels slightly overwhelming. I can't remember who (it was probably my Mom), but someone told that when I was feeling overwhelmed to take time and write down what I am thankful for. Somehow being thankful for stuff helps. I am skeptical about this but as my friend Brian says, "I will try anything twice."

Thankfulness item 1:  Creative Community

I was thankful when I watched this music video this week. 

My friend Dave is the creative force behind a boy and his kite. For years I got to sit beside Dave on staff at our church in Boulder, CO. He is one of the most gentle dudes with a heart of fire that I ever had a chance to meet. I think it is incredible I got to be in a worship space with a dude who writes some of the most incredible music. Here is another video of him, Tifah (from Page CXVI) and Cameron (all around B.A. violinist) making beautiful noises. I get so pumped when acts of creativity spur on more beauty. I needed to be reminded of that this week. 

Thankfulness Item 2: Formative Community 

Every morning my wife has been putting on music written by people from our community in Colorado. The songs that really stick with me were written by my friends Karla and Aaron.  I found my self praying those songs this week as things seemed overwhelming. 

These first two things are tied together. My wife, Aubrey, and I talked about this a few times this week that we can't believe we spent time in a community with people who wrote music that was so incredible and formative to the way we understand and experience our good God. If you have any opportunity please go and pick up Aaron's,  Karla's, Dave's, and the 4th Circle record (you can also on listen to them on spotify) they helped form my heart and I am so thankful for them. 

Thankfulness Item 3: Undeserved Support

I help facilitate a ministry called Ekklesia which is the college and young adults ministry of Christ the King Church. We recently purchased a building in downtown Bellingham and are in the process of remodeling it. There 2 things that blow me away about this. 

1. I have only been here one year and our previously mobile ministry now has its own building. 

2. We have had more than 30 volunteers, most of which I didn't know personally, come help support the work. 

The support and belief that people have in what we are doing for young adults in Whatcom county is not because of any sort of sustained track record I have in the city, but rather because of the people that have vouched for me and sustained the work before me. Because of this, I am very aware  that support of the CTK and faithful service of those before me are both true gifts which I am so incredibly thankful for. 

I can't wait for the Ekklesia people to experience this new location. It is going to be incredible. 

I guess all in all I am so thankful for the Community of God... in all locations. 

Thanks mom... This did work... I am not as overwhelmed anymore.